Brilliant Salmon Oil Original 300ml


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Salmon oil for dogs and cats gives your pet’s coat a glossy sheen and its tasty fresh flavour helps improve appetite.

  • Rich in all 21 omega fatty acids:  It’s rich in EPA, DHA and DPA. These vital nutrients keep your pet’s coat soft, joints supple, helps with itching, & supports overall health
  • Great taste, fresh smell, natural colour
  • Say goodbye to itchy and dry skin: The natural anti-inflammatory compounds within our salmon oil treat moulting, manage cholesterol, soften paws, improve skin, & help arthritis
  • Free from nasties: Absolutely no use of acid treatment, solvents or chemicals, free from GMO’s, artificial additives, preservatives, or colours
  • Upcycled ingredients: From fjord to bottle, we ensure no part of the fish is wasted – in fact, we use the fresh salmon offcuts which would otherwise go to waste!


Nutritional Facts  Per 100g  Per 1 pump (1ml)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids  14,000 mg  130 mg
   EPA  2,000 mg  19 mg
   DHA  3,000 mg  28 mg
   DPA  1,000 mg  9 mg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids  11,000 mg  102 mg
Total Omega Fatty Acids  30,000 mg  512 mg