Anco Chicken Bone Broth 120g


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Collagen and Nutrient rich Bone Broth powder made from slow-simmered bones

Adding essential nutrients and irresistible flavour to your dog's diet, Chicken Bone Broth is full of minerals, collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin which are essential for healthy joints, bones, gut & digestive system. Naturally high in protein, low in fat, no added nasties, and hypoallergenic so it even goes easy on the most sensitive stomachs. Anco Chicken Bone Broth makes a delicious addition to your dog's diet, one that can even entice the fussy/reluctant eaters to ingest vital nutrients.

Ingredients: 100% Chicken Nutrient rich bone broth powder from slow-simmered Chicken Bones

Composition: Ash 8%, Fat <0.5%, Protein 93%

Feeding guide: For dogs that weigh : <10kg= 2tsp, 10-25kg= 3tsp, 25kg+= 4 tsp. For the liquid broth, mix 1 tsp per 100ml fresh boiled water. For a thicker gravy like consistency, mix 1 tsp per 50ml. Or sprinkle dry onto food as a topper.